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Is the Akr.Asia integration still working?

I wish to use the extension to log leetcode sessions automatically to a beeminder odometer goal. I completed a challenge today on leetcode and expected something to pop up on the goal, but didn’t get any data point increase. Does anyone have experience with using and is it still viable to log leetcode challenges?

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Hi! I think you’re probably the person I spoke to in email earlier, but just for the benefit of everyone… alas, it does look like the add-on no longer works. Unfortunately it’s a third-party extension, so we don’t really know why it doesn’t work, and we can’t fix it.

If there’s anything that tracked that you really want to see us add as an official integration, speak up, though! We’re trying to add new integrations more regularly, and stuff we already know there’s interest in is obviously a good target for priority.


Thanks for letting know. It would be amazing if there was a leetcode (or similar) integration. Currently there is a codecombat integration, but codecombat does not encompass actual coding challenges that more advanced programmers can take on. More specifically, tracking the number of completed challenges such that one can get into the habit of doing some daily would be great. I am struggling to motivate myself to do the challenges since it is technically optional to all the other work I’m doing, and beeminder is the perfect fit to mitigate that issue.

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The code is open source and listed here for reference: Glitch :・゚✧

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