Akr.asia LeetCode plugin won't sync

Akr.asia is a fantastic free plugin system for LeetCode, allowing those with the smallest amount of programming experience to write their own automated goals for LeetCode.

Anyway, while there seem to be many satisfied folks using it, for me the LeetCode integration (and seemingly also the Project Euler integration) isn’t updating in Beeminder. I’m just seeing my initial datapoint that Beeminder starts new goals with. I added some debug logging to the Glitch and it looks like it’s reading the data correctly from LeetCode, so it’s not a username/privacy issue. Not sure why the data’s not being sent to / received from Beeminder.

Anyone else experienced this, or have any thoughts on what might be wrong?


Hi @talg , I just joined Beeminder last week and I am seeing the same problem. Did you find a solution?

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Nope :frowning: