Allow changing slope of goal during first week?

I often get into a situation where I’m not entirely sure what the slope for a goal should be when first creating it, which often leads to some overly… optimistic slopes. Since it is already possible to delete a goal and recreating it during the first week, it would be a lot simpler to also allow directly changing the slope.
I’m sure 90% of my deleted goals were goals which I have recreated with a different slope on the first day.


Ah, thank you so much for asking about this. This is a big deal and something Beeminder needs to improve.

I guess the workaround for now is to always start a goal very conservatively and then ratchet to get rid of the excess safety buffer. Then you can pick a realistic slope to commit to when you’ve figured out what that is. The prototype visual road editor may also be useful if you want to retroactively increase your commitment in light of your new data, keeping a nice smooth road instead of the ugly jump that ratcheting creates.