Making goals harder

I created a new goal with a conservative yellow brick roady for me to be able to adjust it later, after testing how much of it I could really do on a daily basis. I’ve seen that my conservative goal is too easy for me and I adjusted the commitment to make the goal harder for myself, but even this change, which makes the yellow brick road steeper, only takes place after the Akrasia horizon. Does anyone know if there’s an option to make goals harder immediately rather than after a week? And why does Beeminder work this way?


Try out the Safety Buffer box (aka Retroratchet) under the Commitment tab underneath the goal. That will let you make a one time adjustment to where you are on the road while you’re waiting for the actual steepness to change (which you’re correct, takes a week).

In theory we should just let changes that make the goal harder take effect immediately - it was mainly for simplicity when writing the code for allowing changes to the road that all changes take effect after a week.


Ok, thank you! Are you guys planning on adding this immediate update soon? I’d like to suggest the feature, as it would be very useful for me.