Android 10 dark is hot pink


I’m not sure maybe I set something up wrong but in the app on Android 10 all the goals are in hot pink rectangles on the overview screen. When I click into a goal it’s fine and the website also looks fine.

Not a good look… does anyone else see that or is it me? (I’m also using arrow launcher so might be that -but I see it also when using pixel launcher)

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We accidentally did that in version 3.2.0 and quickly replaced it with 3.2.1 so if you upgrade again it should be fixed! Definitely let us know if not!

Fixed thanks… the message is hilarious

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The turning pink issue was something we were using that was deprecated a while ago–and when it finally broke, it broke by turning hot pink. Putting the fix in wasn’t without snags, but clock hours it was pretty fast :slight_smile:

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