What happened to goal colors/lanes?

Yesterday it was ok - red on eep day, yellow a day before etc. Now it’s apparently broken - I have a bunch of goals on eep day today, and they are yellow on the website (and red in the Android client). They are also yellow in my client, which means that the lane property in the JSON returned by the API is wrong. I can see nothing in the changelog that would appear to be connected to this issue. What’s going on?

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Eek, sorry, I believe I broke something when making changes to how derailments are depicted on the graph. Is the problem persisting for you, like if you click Update on a datapoint to force the graph to refresh?

My current theory is that some graphs didn’t automatically refresh overnight but that everything is back to normal starting now. But still investigating…

(Thanks so much for the bug report!)

PS: To avoid confusion, it’s orange for the day before an eep day, not yellow. (The only thing yellow is the yellow brick road.)

Updating a datapoint helped indeed.

I’m male, you know. This whole color stuff is too much for me. :stuck_out_tongue:
But seriously, good to know, thanks.

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Seems like none my graphs (the images) were updated last night. They are updated when a datapoint is added though.


Apparently, graphs updated this night.

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