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All my widgets are in the pink?!

Over the last couple of days, some of the widgets and screens on my Android Q beta phone (Pixel 2) have turned pink. It’s visible in the widget that shows the top few Beeminded tasks:

The list of tasks visible after hitting the bee in the top left of an individual task:

And also the data list inside a particular task:

Most plausible cause is something to do with the latest Android Q beta, but there may be something else going on. I don’t have Dark theme turned on or anything. I’ve rebooted the phone (but not reset it), and it’s still there.

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This has been reported by one other person, also on an Android Q prerelease.

Thanks! Would you be interested in trying a beta app when there is one ready?

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Hi @adamwolf - sure, I’d be happy to try out a beta when one is available. Meantime I shall happily work in pink…

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