[Android App] Google's OAuth seems out of date and doesn't work.

Reproduction steps:

  1. In Beeminder app try to sign in using Google’s OAuth by clicking on Google’s icon.
  2. The app displays “no Google accounts available” message. See


In 2. step I would expect either the app to log in or see Google’s OAuth sign in dialog.

Also note that Google changed its logo.

Let me know, if you can reproduce this bug and if I’m doing something wrong. I hope that this message report will help make your app better.


Yeah, I think that this was previously only a problem if you had multiple google accounts authed on the device, but it looks like a problem across the board now. And in fact checking through the options right now, none of google, twitter, or facebook are working for me. So maybe there’s something we can do serverside to fix things without updating the app…? Definitely worth looking into, since it makes the app seem pretty broken if sign-in doesn’t work!



I have this problem too on Android 7.1.1.

Is there any workaround (other than just using a browser)?

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So sorry for the hassle with this! You can create a password on the website and use that to log in to the Android app, which still works beautifully despite this google oauth issue.

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Yup, that works. Thanks!