Unable to login with Google Id on Mobile

On mobile I am unable to login with my Google id. The mobile app gives me no option. Anyway everytime I login to Beeminder on the web app I get a notification from Gmail saying someone is trying to access my app. So how I link facebook with my account so that I can login with Facebook instead of Google Id? If I log in with Facebook I lose all the data I had in my Google Id account?

Eek, I’m sorry this has gone so long without an answer; perhaps support-wise we should be keeping a better eye on the forums! :slight_smile: We do have a workaround for not being able to look in via mobile: set up a local password under “account settings”, and then you should be able to log in. I’m not sure if it will help with the other issues, though, and I don’t know about linking Facebook.

Have you reported this via email at all? I wonder if we should be looking into whether we’ve got anything wrong re: Google notifying you that someone’s trying to access the app – I mean, of course someone is! You are! And presumably it should be possible to set it up so that’s fine. :thinking:

I’ll raise this with other workerbees!