Android Application time tracking to beeminder

Anyone currently have an android application, that tracks other application usage/time, and then sends that to beeminder?

For example Offtime, or App Usage Tracker let me track time spent per app, or number of times ive switched to an app. I’d like to take that data and send to beeminder, so I can set a goal such as:

  1. Don’t spend more than 30 minutes on FB a day.
  2. Don’t access Slickdeals more than 3 times.
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I use rescuetime for android and it’s been working great. You can set a goal with the app you would like to limit and beemind it.


You can do that with tasker and beedroid. Create a tasker profile with context “Application”. Then create a task to be executed when the profile becomes active. This task should have as an action the beeminder plugin for tasker. Configure the plugin to start a timer for the appropriate goal. For your profile also create an exit task, which will be executed once your application is no longer in the foreground. This exit task should also have as an action to execute the beeminder plugin. However, this time the action should stop the timer.

Instead of time you can also track the number of times a given app is opened. Just create a tasker profile again for that app. Then the entry task for that profile uses the beeminder plugin again. However, this time the plugin should add a value to your goal, instead of starting a timer.


Just wanted to jump in and second how great tasker is.

I use it for beeminding Ankidroid as a do more goal,


Installed RescueTime today, seems to be working fine.

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