Feature Request:

Does anyone know if it is possible to integrate Beeminder with an app called ‘App Usage’? so it can track how much hours I spend on my phone and charge/punish me when I go above the hour limit I agreed to. If there is another app I can use instead. Please let me know.

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Do you use Android or iOS? If you use Android, there is an excellent app called RescueTime that can be very specific or general for your Android phone (and computer usage) and it ties into Beeminder well.

If you use iOS, I think you can use Rescue Time but it is not as detailed and it might not work as well… Apple only recently allowed developers to get access to that information.



I prefer using ManicTime over RescueTime, but they don’t have API unfortunately

Last time I checked RescueTime for iOS sadly didn’t measure anything but was basically a mobile version of the dashboard on their website.

Ah. I looked it up–there were 2 months in late 2018 where RescueTime iOS reported phone usage, but not per app or anything. Apple pulled the app and made them take it out.



ooh that explains why despite their announcement in an email I could not find it in the app store for a while! How interesting.

Apple killed RescueTime’s feature noting “privacy issues”. Coincidentally iOS 12 includes Apple’s “ScreenTime” feature…