Linking Android TagTime to Beeminder

I’m trying to link Android TagTime to one of my Beeminder goals, however I’m having trouble. When I select the goal in the app, the selected tag is unset. And when I select a tag, the selected goal is unset. What do I need to do to fix this?

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I know there are folks successfully using this… @mary, any thoughts? Is there something special that @narthur has to do?

@narthur can you try it again, and send me logs right afterwards? Go into Settings > Send Feeback.


Just sent it to Let me know if you need me to forward it somewhere else.

I’m afraid I stopped using TagTime a few months ago, but I had no trouble linking it up, and I had to relink my goals several times, since I would occasionally clear my tags and that clear the connections to goals as well, so it was pretty stable for me that it worked when setting it up.

Sorry I don’t have anything more useful to add.

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