Tracking time using Google Calenders

I use GQueues & Google Calendar as part of my organizational and time tracking work flow. Currently my tasks are added to my calendar from GQueues and I move them to a Work Completed Calendar after they are complete, updating duration as necessary. Zapier can enter the length\duration of the calendar item as a beeminder datapoint. It works great if you’re a paying zapier user or will be entering fewer than 80 tasks per month. IFTTT, my free service of choice, unfortunately does not appear to have that capability. Is there any way to get IFTTT to submit the duration of a calender entry to beeminder? Anyone aware of an easy work around? Any suggestions on an improved method to get hours from google calendar to Beeminder?

I would also be open to altering my work flow. My requirements are that I can enter tasks with a duration that will appear on my calendar. And that I can finalize the time I spend on a task before it is submitted to Beeminder. I was originally inspired by pomodors to track my time and remind me to take breaks, but now I’m using a handheld Gymboss miniMax interval timer that I can sit in front of me, take anywhere, and track my hours.




Since you’ve already tried pomodoro, check out they cover pretty much anything in terms of mobile/desktop

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Seconded. I’m loving pomotodo.

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Thanks for the suggestion. It looks like this is a relatively young product with some good potential. However, it does seem to fall short in a few key areas for now:

  1. The calendar integration only offers a link, making it more difficult to access and impossible to edit
  2. Although you can estimate pomodoros for a given task and schedule a reminder day and time, tasks only appear as all day tasks on the calendar.
  3. I have both the pomodoro Todo and Pomo history calendars in my google calendars view (add by URL) and updates are not happening
  4. Looks like there’s no easy way to send the data to beeminder
  5. I know it strays from the pomodoro goal a bit, but a pause feature would be ideal.

I’ll continue to keep a watchful eye on Pomotodo for future developments, but from now I’ll have to stick with my GQueues, google calendar, stopwatch combo.

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Beeminder integration is possible (see related thread Pomodoros with Eggscellent + Google Calendar + IFTTT - #3 by apolyton). I’ve promised myself to write a blog post about it soon :slight_smile:
My connection is done with the iCal link of Pomotodo + a PHP script + Zapier
Example of end result

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