Announcing Misfit Integration

Read about it on the blog: Misfit and Bee-fit: Beeminder :heart: Misfit

Or check us out in Misfit’s gallery.

Or head straight to to start beeminding your Misfit-measured steps or sleep.

Repeating myself from the beemail announcement:

This is another huge one. is known for being like a Fitbit that’s pretty enough to be jewelry. I don’t care what they look like but it’s the only fitness tracker I’ve found that comes close to my beloved and sadly departed GreenGoose: I can wear it as a necklace and never take it off. It’s waterproof and doesn’t need to be charged.

Check out @bee’s post for the whole story:

If you have a Misfit, please hit reply with something like “i have one but not feeling the need to beemind it at the moment” or “tried creating a graph, hit some friction or confusion” or “yup, here’s my graph…”.

PS: Here’s my own graph:
And for sleep, though I’m not sure I want to seriously beemind sleep: