Anyone use Misfit?

Danny’s been successfully using the Misfit integration for a month or maybe more now. Anyone else out there have a Misfit and want to give it a try?

We’re working on getting in their partner gallery and on writing up a blog post to do a bigger public launch, but it’d be great to hammer out any more bugs that people come across ahead of time!



Do you have any recommendations for necklaces for the misfit? I’m a fitbit fan, but the misfit looks like a promising gift candidate and I saw a mention of around the neck usage in the weekly beemail.


I bought their necklace holder thing and the actual band was terrible (I
think they changed the design since then so it’s probably fine now) but the
important part was the holder with a little hole in it. So now I literally
use a piece of yarn and it works great.

Here’s the thing I bought:

It’s maybe galling that it costs $50 for that. For another $30 you can get
the super fancy “bloom necklace” which is unambiguously jewelry which makes
the $80 cost maybe not seem galling. I don’t know.

It also occurs to me that the yarn solution is superior anyway because I
can make it short enough that it’s never in the way no matter what I’m
doing. But you still have to spend the $50 for the holder thing even if you
throw away the actual band.


I’m using Misfit but for the goal in Beeminder I would have choice for points rather than steps, because the you bike, you get a lot of points but not an equivalent steps.


I’ll second @laurentcp’s suggestion to Beemind points also/instead of steps. I’m used to tracking the points in the Misfit app, but the app isn’t great at giving you a sense of trends over time (at least on Android) or at actually keeping you accountable to meet the goals you set.


Great point about points vs steps, especially as a single metric for biking and walking and running. #UVI

In case you’re still looking for this, beeminding points seems to be possible via IFTTT

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