Any plans for dynamic x-min when rendering graphs?

I would love to be able to only ever see the last x days of data on my graphs. Typically I only ever interact with beeminder via the iOS app, and the graphs tend to become unreadably small since there’s always a static x-min which slips increasingly far into the past.

For most of my goals, 90 days would be just about perfect, but I’d love the option to customize this window.

I see there are couple of other feature requests from 2020 and 2015. The 2015 thread mentions something about zoomable graphs. I do actually remember (false memory?) that being enabled for a few months in 2015 or 2016 but don’t recall why it was rolled back.


In the meanwhile, you could set up an iOS shortcut to make the call for you. Upon tapping (executing) the shortcut, it could ask you which bmndr goal and which date, defaulting to the one 90 days ago.

The parameters tmin and tmax have since been documented at Beeminder API Reference .