feature request: effortlessly change between two x-axis-mins

i don’t have a habit of doing this, simply because it would be so much effort. but since the graph zoom is Not At All ideal, i’ve often thought about changing the x-axis-min of many of my longer-running goals to something like only a week or a month in the past.
so i believe it would be super handy to be able to quickly change between the default (x-axis-min = the original/chosen starting point many months or years in the past) and a “recent” display mode (x-axis-min = one month / week / 10 days / other short time period of one’s choosing in the past from the current day).

why do i want to see the most recent activity?
because i am interested to see how much autoratcheting there was, what colour the most recent data points have, how often i derailed recently, etc. etc. (some of my goals have 0 post derail reapite, but i think even 7 days post derail respite won’t be visible on a years-long graph.)

why don’t i just change the x-axis-min to yesterday/today and repeat that every two or whatever months to always have a good overview of the recent events?
because i am proud of ALL my progress and don’t just want to visually erase that!


Thanks for helping think through stuff like this! You’re totally right and we just need to hopefully find an answer that doesn’t introduce a new setting (see the anti-settings principle). The ideal answer is to move the dynamic graphs from graph.beeminder.com to Beeminder proper. Which is still happening! (And I guess serves as a workaround for this feature request in the meantime?)


Just FYI, stuff in the forum doesn’t go into my feedback tracker (due to it being too difficult to ensure that I don’t double-enter stuff as people bump old threads, etc; I think I have some ideas about getting around that, but I haven’t got it nailed down yet).

So, at least for now, when you’re super-keen for a feature, or have a bug report, or any other kind of feedback, it’d be super-helpful to let support (support@beeminder.com) know as well. We do use that spreadsheet to aid in decision-making, after all. :grin: Thanks!


oh yes, wonderful, thank you! i didn’t have that actively on my radar for whatever reason, that graph.beeminder.com is much better at this than beeminder proper—should prove to be a sufficient workaround for now :)

good to know, thank you! i’ll send a bundle of all my past feature requests pitched on the forum to support right away. :)