Deleting or changing a break

A minor thing: I set a break, then decided to make it a go slow rather than a complete break. Now the lines under “Upcoming changes” include:

Until 2017-06-15 increase at rate 2

Until 2017-06-15 continue at rate 0

From looking at the far right hand side of the chart, it looks like the 2 overrides the zero, but I still find this confusing. Would be nice if such lines could be removed.


Thanks so much for reporting this! We’re working hard on a new Road Editor that will hopefully replace both Schedule a Break and Retroratchet. Prototype at if you want to follow along!

(Also bug reports are good for stickers if you’d like some and want to DM me your address. Thanks again!)

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Thanks! I still have some stickers you sent me a few months back. Have handed some out at the Less Wrong Melbourne meetup and will do so again. :+1: