Any tips on how to best utilize Boss As A Service?

Hi All,

I signed up to Boss As A Service.

I liked it :slight_smile:

So I thought I would increase the stakes with Beeminder.

I saw a couple of scary looking featured beeminders in the featured area.

I was wondering the best way to use both Baas & Beeminder and how to configure goals.



I have been using it for 2 months. What I have been doing is do less goals. For example for one I have to send financial reports and prove I have budgeted. If I don’t they add a point and I derail. Partly did this so I just plan vacations and stuff with boss. Though you could easily do a do more goal. The graph is a lot more motivating when it does not just log your failures.
Just let your boss know what your goal name is and they can add data points. I tend to use it for less direct goals. For example I have a reading goal where I must provide them a summary of what I read. Also I have a goal called the procrastination letters where I write to my future self and respond to my past self. But you could do it with anything.

You can also talk to your boss about what goals they think would best be motivated by Beeminder. They helped give me some ideas for that. Welcome to the Beeminder community :blush:

As a note I am currently sick and brain is a bit foggy so please let me know if something I said was confusing or didn’t make since.


Hi linux535,

Thank you very much for your reply. It was very helpful.

I’ve been using them for about 1 week and it’s been good so far.

I will try your tips.

p.s I hope you feel better soon.


I am curious about your procrastination letters goal. What topics do you write about, and what is the purpose of the goal?


I don’t have any software integration between BaaS and Beeminder, but they are integrated in terms of process. I set daily goals with my Boss. One of my Beeminder goals is a do-zero goal for doing certain distracting things (playing games, reading fiction) before I have completed my daily goals. I have PPRs enabled so every morning before 11am I have to report whether I played any games before completing my goals. If so, I derail. I usually enter the data (manually) at the same time that I report back to my Boss and set new goals for the day.

I also have an arrangement with BaaS where they don’t ask me for proof (but obviously I never cheat because that would destroy the value I get out of BaaS, just like with Beeminder).


I’m new and probably foolish, but how can I let my Boss enter datapoints for me?


That’s part of the integration – your BaaS boss can just do that if you ask them to and point them at the goal!


Hi, reviving this thread just in case some users of the forum would feel like sharing their experience on how to best use this service. I recently signed up to Boss as a Service and am wondering if some of you have some suggestions on how to use it in the most productive way.


Having a good experience with my first week of using Boss as a Service (BAAS). At the moment, Beeminder and BAAS both help me track the same goals, but I will likely deviate from this in the future.

In this first week, Beeminder has been acting as a minimum to achieve every day while I have been using BAAS to plan more ambitious daily goals. It has been working nicely, but it is of course just a start and I expect my use of the service to evolve over time.


I have now been using it for about a year total. My use of it has changed somewhat. I use it to keep my Beeminder goals in check. For example before baas I would have a good goal but later just delete it. Well now any time I want to delete a goal I must get permission from my boss as a service. Same for adding goals as I had a tendency to add too many to fast and then get burned out. Also my boss approves and denies changes to the fine print of my Beeminder goals.

So basically I use it to help manage my beeminder goals and make sure I dont change them or remove ones that help or go to crazy and burn out. This has been what I have been doing the last six months or so.