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Anyone else using Sunsama?

I’ve been using this productivity tool since June or so, and I’ve found it fantastic. Wondering if other folks are using it to see how prudent a Beeminder integration for Sunsama would be :slight_smile:

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Ooh, can we hear more about Sunsara?

(It’s funny how the pitch is to help with task list overwhelm. I have task manager overwhelm! :slight_smile: Todoist, Marvin, Complice, Trello, Habitica, … I guess Roam and Workflowy count as task managers too. And Emacs Org-mode. I feel like I could name a dozen task managers off the top of my head and have a vague feeling of FOMO about many of them but I’m pulled in so many directions that it all cancels out! I guess GitHub Issues is my favorite right now.)

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It’s amazing how many products I see marketed with copy like:

“Tired if keeping track of x across n apps? With our new app n + 1 you won’t have to!”

The struggle is real. :laughing:


Somewhat related obligatory XKCD:

More tools might not be the solution. I think we are looking for simple interfaces to gather the data in a centralized location. This location should not be a web service, but your local machine or phone.

It’s not a hard problem, aggregate a list of tasks and present a subset of them to the user depending on criteria, such as time, day of the week, location, mood, moon phase, priority, what they had for breakfast, and so on.

What is hard is that we lack such simple interfaces. It is interesting because Microsoft has managed to create a reasonably useful tool with Microsoft To-Do. It gathers tasks from Outlook, OneNote, and Planner. Of course, they can wire everything together easily because it is their eco-system. What is missing, of course, is data from other companies.

Maybe the solution is to create the task-list REST API standard, GET all tasks, POST new task, PUT task done, etc. (Probably it already exists.)

In that sense, sunsama looks reasonable when they promise:

Pull in tasks from Trello, Gmail, Asana…

Except, what happens if they don’t support my tool of choice? Gitea issues, taskwarrior server, org-mode? Many tools have APIs, but it is daunting to learn 15 APIs and gather all the data in one location. That is where the standard comes in.

talg, have you been able to integrate Sunsama easily with all other tools you are using?


I feel really conflicted about this stuff given I’m literally in the process of building task manager n + 1. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


TaskRatchet: The only task manager that actually makes you do the tasks.


Ooh, ooh, that’s so good! Can I steal that? :smiley:

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Absolutely! :grin:

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