Narthur's ADHD Journal

This is my journal for sharing what I’m trying when it comes to managing my ADHD.


Here’s a haphazard list of the things I’ve been doing so far.

  • I use Beeminder (of course).
  • Android Automate triggers zeno alarms which must be manually dismissed in order to ensure I don’t ignore my Beeminder goals. These alarms are only scheduled for the next due goal so I’m not overwhelmed by alarms.
  • Android Automate asks me what I’m doing and how long I think I’ll spend doing it. Then, when that amount of time’s up, it asks me again, and so on.
  • I use Android app timers as well as an app blocking app to schedule when and how much I can use certain apps (read: YouTube and Reddit).
  • I physically go to the library each Monday morning, taking only my phone and a paper notebook, to create some space for thinking and planning where I won’t be tempted to start executing on the first thing that catches my interest.
  • Today I reworked my technology entertainment beeminding to use the autodialer to connect mindfulness practice with the amount of time I’m allowed to spend gaming. This is both because I had found ways to get around my old system to game as much as I wanted, and to increase the amount of time I spend practicing mindfulness to help with anxiety and intrusive thoughts.

This sounds interesting. Do you have an export or a screenshot of this? I might look to do something similar with Tasker…
How would you deal with something that takes longer than you predicted?

  • Do you just say the same thing and guess timescale again?
  • Is there a way of logging the task against the same thing and then the next time you say the task
    – eg a task of beeminder goal refresh, your automation would say “you have previously spent 10 minutes on beeminder goal refresh, did you want the timer for 10 minutes?”
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Currently it’s quite simple–all it does is ask the question and then schedule itself to run again after the elapsed time. It doesn’t compare between runs. The only additional thing it does is trigger a scenario to save my answers to a spreadsheet in case I want to review the data later.

Here's the flow


Here’s a dump of a bunch of tools that can be helpful for ADHD. @adamwolf told me about several of them. Would be interested in others I don’t know about, too.

I haven’t actually tried any of these yet, so this is a bit of a todo list for me.

  • Routinist (on iOS, not sure about Android) is awesome.

I’ve been using vitamin r most work days and it’s been very effective. I like how flexible it is. I do wish it integrated better with other things I use, like GitHub, trello, notion, toggl, beeminder, etc. But it’s definitely a great tool. I expect I’ll be purchasing it once my trial expires.

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