Android automation roundup

Hi folks! I know some of you folks love Tasker and Android Automate and other tools like that.

The Android Beeminder app has a smidgen of Tasker support built in–it can start and stop timers, and submit datapoints, but it can’t submit comments on datapoints, for example. I know folks have asked about that.

I have some questions:

  1. Do you use an Android automation tool like Tasker or Android Automate?
  2. What do you, or have you used it for with regards to Beeminder?
  3. What do you dream about doing? If you answer this one, please make sure to answer #1!
  4. What workarounds do you have? I know some folks use the Beeminder API directly instead of the app.
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I’ll go first!

  1. I do use Tasker. I have used it on and off for maybe 5 years, but I am definitely not a power user at all. I totally appreciate how powerful Tasker is, but I’m not super familiar with it. I typically automate my things on a server somewhere instead of on Android, or I write a little app that does it.
  2. I am currently working on a Tasker profile that detects when I finish a lesson in Duolingo, and pokes my Duolingo goal to sync!
  3. There isn’t a Beeminder Tasker action for sync, so I am going to use the Beeminder API directly.
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  1. I most often use Macrodroid as my go to android automation due to it being super easy to use. I also have tasker but only use that for special automations that are more difficult to achieve with macrodroid.
  2. I have used it for 2 things in the past
    (a) beeminding length of teeth brushing after scanning the nfc tag i have stuck to my toothbrush
    (b) after scanning nfc tagged bookmark read for 20minutes after elapse launch beeminder to enter new page number
    I would like to use it for in the potential future perhaps
    (a) time on specific video courses but not others that downloaded to my phone
    (b) time how long particular usb devices are plugged in (eg keyboard, guitar, external harddrive)
  3. Think the dream is unfortunately not related to phone but if there was an equivalent pc version of these apps, super easy automation at a low starting price, which has timer beeminder integration.
    I got also got into the issue of i had forgotten to scan the nfc and i realised i could just run the action anyway eliminating the illusion. So if there was a good way of preventing me from entering values for certain goal similar to how ifttt integration prevents additional entries but with tasker/macrodroid.
  4. I gave up beeminding for a while after I had messed up after those two and only really picked back up recently by (a) understanding why “I” wanted to do this goal (b) using appdetox to lockdown macrodroid to only being open-able for specific times preventing me from late night cheating