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Apple Health Workout minutes

@apb, have you looked into support for tracking the “Workouts” item in Apple Health? It shows up in the Apple Health app with units of minutes and appears to be the runtime of any workout tracking I do with my Apple Watch.

“Exercise Minutes” is already supported, but that’s too generous – walking downstairs for a cup of water inevitably counts as a workout minute! What I really want is something that sums up time actually spent working out.


@apb I second this! I recently bought a garmin vivosmart fitness tracker and would like to track my gym visits with Beeminder; they show up in Apple health as “workout minutes” though, which I can’t seem to connect to beeminder.


I can look into adding this in the next update! Sorry I didn’t reply @dehowell, I’m not sure how I missed this in January.


Bump for this. If I add a “traditional strength training” workout with a start and end time in Apple Health, it does not get imported.

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Another bump for this!

Many gym/weight training apps add a “workout” after you’ve completed a session hence would be mighty useful to beemind :slight_smile:


Any update on potentially adding ‘workouts’ to Apple Health integration?

I can’t seem to find a way, short of manually pressing a button/manual entry, to automatically beemind completed workout sessions in gym apps on iOS.

Keen to know if/how others track this.

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I agree - being able to indicate a minimum workout time that would count would help with the apple health workout time

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