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want to track # of workouts not time

I’m really confused about how to track my workouts. My goal is to workout in some fashion daily. I don’t care how or how long. When I look at my data it gives all sorts of numbers that I think came from my apple watch exercise/activity app. If I set it back to normal/manual do I just enter “1”? as opposed to the 49 my watch gave me?

(On a side note: why does the forum text box offer the ability to attach a photo but when I submit it tells me that I can’t embed media items to a post?)

In case you’re using Strava or that’s an option for you, the Strava integration does exactly that: screenshot

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Another option would be to convert it to a custom goal and change the aggregation or aggday setting, the options are described here: Custom goals - Beeminder Help

I use nonzero to convert one or more datapoints put in on a day to a 1. There’s also count which, I think, might be what you want if you wanted to record more than one workout in a day sometimes.


This is what I do when I want to make sure that I do something at least once per day. (Multiple workouts will only count as +1/day, though.)

(The count aggday won’t work, I don’t believe, since the iOS integration updates the same datapoint rather than adding new ones and so no matter how many workouts you do, the datapoint count will always end up at 1 for iOS goals. This would work for manual entry goals in which you were entering a new datapoint for each instance, though.)

I’ve been interesting in similarly automating this type of goal, which I currently do manually. I tried to get it working by sending workouts from my Health app → Strava → Beeminder, but couldn’t get it working. The iOS Health app has a “Workouts” section that logs sessions from a variety of apps, and it displays a count of the number of workouts over time. It seems like it might be possible to add that as a data source for the iOS Health integration?

A big benefit is that it collates data from many sources, in my case Apple Watch workouts, Fitbod, Nike Run Club, Peloton, Down Dog Yoga, etc. I don’t know another way to easily get data from all these different workouts into Beeminder (other than my silly brain doing it manually).

Is there a technical reason why this isn’t currently possible?

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