Does apple health Exercise Time even work?

I can’t get any Exercise Time data out of Apple Health. Other stuff (steps, etc) work fine.

Maybe I’m confused about what “Exercise Time” means. I see entries from my Peleton Ride synced in Apple Health that have “duration”, I assume that “Exercise Time” would be the sum of all durations in a day, no?

I don’t use that one with Beeminder personally, but I think it might be the “Exercise Minutes” category from Apple Health? Do you have anything there if you look at that in the Health App? Mine only has the exercise minutes recorded from my watch, not from my phone.

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Sorry for the late reply here! According the the Apple documentation:

Workout sessions contribute to the exercise time. Apple Watch also tracks exercise time whenever it detects the user moving with an average intensity of a brisk walk or greater.

So if your Peloton ride is recorded as a Workout in Apple Health, its duration should count toward Exercise Time. Does the ride show up as a workout? Is there a third party app, e.g. from Peloton, that writes the workout to the Health app?

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