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Archiving a goal that's already at target

Is there any reason why I need to wait a week until a goal that’s already reached it’s target can be archived? I’m not trying to subvert the akrasia horizon or anything like that - the goal has served it’s purpose and now I just want to get it out of my way. It gets kind of annoying watching them move up through the days, changing colour, sending reminders etc when they are already done.


Would it matter which type of goal? Odometer? Do-more?

True. Reaching a goal value is not handled the same as reaching the goal date.

Consider that some goals may validly be above the target number and yet remain at risk of datapoints with negative values reducing it below that target number.

Were there a way to tell Beeminder that a certain goal will never receive negative datapoints, Beeminder could allow you to archive such goals that have reached their target value. But as it stands, Beeminder doesn’t know if negative datapoints make sense for your goal, so it needs to keep the goal around in case you enter one.


This was my initial draft before being released with this other angle.

Next we could say, ok, let us define goals that can only accept positive numbers which are added to the cumulative total. That must work out, right?!

What about then deleting the datapoint from yesterday after noticing the app created a datapoint with a value far too big?

But I agree. I too have had goals matching these conditions, one I would have liked to have archived at the moment they goal value has been reached.

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That’s a good point. The ones that have been (very mildly) annoying me lately have been odometer goals. Can Beeminder odometer goals go backwards? Real world odometers can’t. If I’ve read the pages, or cycled the miles I can’t unread or uncycle[1] them.

[1] Autocorrect is very keen to make that into “unicycle”, I definitely can’t unicycle, though now it has put the idea in my head!


I’ve been finding this a little annoying with my odometer goals too!