Goal completed but can't archive?

This may be covered somewhere in the history of Beeminder or it could be something I just don’t understand (Akrasia? What the what is that?) yet. I completed a goal way ahead of schedule (under a week) but can’t seem to figure out how to archive it. The goal was read x amount of pages in two weeks and I met that goal in ~6 days. Now it just sits at I have 6+ days until I derail but I can’t go over that amount, right? Do I have to wait a certain amount of time before things disappear off my dashboard?


I sent you an email with some options, but forgot to notice why you can’t archive yet. It becomes an option (in place of the red delete button) after the goal is a week old. So you can set it to archive tomorrow it looks like. Doing nothing and letting it hit the end date on it’s own is an option too, but you can go over the amount if you have more to do/read, since it’s a do more goal and more is good, so you’d just be ahead of schedule, which is ok.

Akrasia is never getting around to doing what you really want to do. That’s why there’s an akrasia horizon of 1 week since we typically think we’re totally going to get done what we want to be getting done next week… just not right now. Beeminder is solving akratic beehavior by forcing a little now and a little tomorrow, etc until we’re making progress rather than endlessly swearing we’ll start tomorrow or next week.