auto-beeminding iPhone use

I’ve been stuck for a while on having iPhone usage stats (pickups, total time spent) auto-populate into Beeminder. It seems like IFTTT / Zapier is the only option here, but I don’t have skills in that area. Can anyone share their workflow to get iPhone usage into a Beeminder goal?


In short, Rescuetime iOS app → RescueTime alerts (one every 30’) → Zapier → Beeminder
Can write in more detail if needed :slight_smile:


Yes please!

So with a bit more detail

  1. install RescueTime iOS app
  2. Create multiple RescueTime alerts (one every 30’) for mobile use
  3. Create a single Zapier goal to get all RescueTime alerts, filter them by whether the word “mobile” is in the alert text, then extract the number of hours from the alert and finally send the number to Beeminder

Hope this helps!