Suggestion: Integration with iOS "Moment" app or other similar app-usage tracking?

I just started using Beeminder again. It really helped me a while back to stay on task for working out during the summer. This time around I want to set some learning goals that integrate a number of apps and desktop programs. I like integrating Rescue Time with Beeminder and wish there were a similar thing for the iPhone, but, as we all know, the sandbox won’t allow that. So many great Android apps like Forest are rendered completely useless due to this. Essentially I want Beeminder to know that if I’m using either Desktop application A, Website B (on my desktop), or iphone apps C & D, then I am working toward the same goal.

The closest I’m able to come to this is using the “Moment” app. “Moment” has a workaround that involves taking a screenshot of your battery usage details under the iPhone Settings. It uses some software to read this image and track your usage in case you want to omit a particular app (like Waze or any other driving app that is used with the screen on from being logged as a time waster). But now that I think more about it, Beeminder can skip this middle-man and just integrate that feature on its own. I know I could manually enter all that data into Beeminder, but it seems this is about as easy a path as iOS will allow

So is it possible for a future version of Beeminder to integrate with Moment the way it does with Rescue Time on my Mac (which isn’t available on iOS)? Beeminder already integrates with Apple Health and Fitbit. I use both of those, btw, but let’s not get started on the workaround I had to find to get those two to play well together!

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I also wanted to add that I wish there were a way to track across various platforms. For instance, I use Duolingo and Rosetta Stone. I only use Rosetta on my desktop while Duolingo I can access anywhere. I wanted to be able to log, say, thirty minutes of daily study on either program. I can set it so that Duolingo reports to Beeminder. Separately I can set Rescue Time to report when I use the Rosetta Stone program. But there doesn’t seem to be a way to report with both. I’m going to be on vacation and I won’t be taking my computer with me, so I’d like to use Duolingo to study. When I’m home I might want to use Rosetta more and Duolingo much less. Is there a way to report to Beeminder with both/either Duolingo or Rescue Time toward the same goal?

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