Automatically reduce safety buffer?

Hello, is there any way to automatically reduce my safety buffer to a beemergency each day? I use the free plan, so I can’t use the automatic safety buffer.

I’ve tried using the API, but it doesn’t seem that I can change this field.

Any ideas? Is this possible?

My use case is that I have todoist connected to Beeminder. I don’t care how many todos I finish each day, but I need to finish at least one.


The reason you can’t change that field in the API is that it’s a derived field—it’s based off of the height and slope of the road and your past and current datapoints.

If you’re willing to do a bit of math (or rather, to write code that does a bit of math), you can use the API to update the roadall field, to make the road adjust upwards the right amount to leave you with the safety buffer you want.

(Or if you don’t want to bother writing the code yourself, you could always pay Beeminder to do it for you by upgrading your plan to one that includes autoratcheting…)


Hello nmartinovic.
This appears to be your first post. Welcome to the community.

There are likely other ways though to accomplish what you want. From the sounds of it your goal is “finish more than 0 todos per day, each day”. Then you would want a goal with a rate of 1 per day, where a 1 is entered if more than 0 todoist todos have been completed on that day.
Tools like Zapier, IFTTT, or might help you out. For someone willing to browse the API, setting up such a goal may be well within your reach.
Here is another list of some integrations: Hard-committing to the next batch of autodata integrations


Thank you for your feedback. I was not able to set roadall via the api in my first attempt. I am testing it via postman and adding my auth token as a query string parameter. Here is what I use in the body of my request:


I will need to investigate further