Reset daily progress

I have a goal set to do 15 checkoffs by noon. These are both microtasks and routines. Each day I want to start fresh from 0 no matter the progress from the previous day. Is having Ifttt send a 0 count to the goal the only way to do this? Can it be done within Beeminder? I’m thinking about setting up a water drinking goal that I want to have the same behavior.


Yes! There is this feature called “Autoratcheting” (Actually… it’s not anymore. The name changed?) and it sounds like this is exactly what you want. @shanaqui can give you the pitch :slight_smile:


Ah, yes, we call this “max safety buffer” now, but it’s a premium feature. (I do like the name “autoratchet” better!)

I wonder what this goal is like, since you mention IFTTT sending a 0 datapoint – it almost sounds like an odometer goal. Are you comfy linking me the goal and letting me take a look? :slight_smile: It might shape what I suggest.

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Thanks. Here is a link to the goal

I have it set up so that when I complete something in reminders IFTTT syncs it to Beeminder. There is another goal that this feeds from which is for 20 completions for the whole day. So this one goes over 10 but each day I want the count to start fresh. I don’t think the odometer goal works the way I want unless I wasn’t doing it right. Because I want a cumulative count.

There is a problem with IFTTT pushing all completed reminders but that is not a Beeminder problem. I’m trying to figure out why it’s not 100% but in the mean time I just put a manual count in.

I think submitting a 0 actually does nothing in the case of this goal – it’s only ever useful as an odometer reset – but I’m afraid I’m not really following what you were trying to do when submitting a 0. It looks to me like the feature to automatically remove safety buffer is pretty much what you want: it requires a premium account at beeplus or beemium level, but you would tell it to allow you 0 days of safety buffer and it would scale things back each day.

The other thing you could do, which is definitely an advanced feature and not necessarily recommended, is have a subscription which allows you to make custom goals and change the “aggday” to “skatesum”. skatesum means that you can never gain safety buffer: if your goal rate is 10/day, then it doesn’t matter how many datapoints you add, only 10 are ever counted. I used this myself for a while and it was just fine, though it is not particularly supported as an official solution to the problem.

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