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Automation of TagTime and Beeminder on Android


I have two questions to other people using TagTime and Beeminder on Android and who interested in automation.

  1. I use TagTime on two computers and my android phone. Right now my workflow is the following:
    Every evening I get a notification to export my TagTime tags from the app which is then synced via Nextcloud to a folder with the other two logs. A raspberry Pi is then merging the three logs and sends some tags to Beeminder. This kind of works but of cause I would love to automate this a little bit more. I do not have experience in developing android apps so I don’t know if I would be capable to implement a scheduled export into the app. I also thought about cloning the TagTime functionality in Tasker. Has anybody a similar solution?

  2. I use Tasker on my phone to collect a serious amount of data and I like that I can control the beeminder app through Tasker. Unfortunately I see no way to pass a Tasker variable to beeminder has the normal way using %var does not work. Any ideas?

Looking forward to any kind of input


What sort of things do you want to do via Tasker? There is Tasker specific
code in Beedroid, but I am not 100% sure how well it works anymore.


One basic thing would e.g. be to submit fractions of pomodoros done to beeminder instead of checking whether one has finished to whole 25 min and only then submitting 1 as a datapoint


I used to merge tagtime logs from multiple computers, but have never used android so can’t help on that front.

In case it helps, here are my TagTime hacks.


Regarding 2, you can do this using the Beeminder API plus Tasker with AutoWeb. Autoweb lets you define and interact with an API, so you could do pretty much anything the Beeminder API suppports, using Tasker this way.

I’m currently setting this up so I can submit my minutes late to bed to Beeminder the way I need - I will share the Autoweb inteface once it’s set up.