Is there a TagTime (Android) API?

I started using TagTime again on my Android phone. I now have an Android Wear device. I kept missing the TagTime phone notifications (in my office I have the notifications at low volume and I don’t like vibrations) so I made it so that TagTime notifications showed up on my watch. Cool. A great improvement.

Then I thought (daydreamed, actually) it would be cool if on the Android Wear device I could pick the tag from a very short list (two or three tags) and have the device post the tag for me. That seems to require a TagTime API. I can’t do this project myself, I was thinking of bringing it up to a developer friend, but an API seems a do-or-die requirement.

Why not talk directly to Android Beeminder? (It seems there is an API.) Don’t want to re-implement the entire stochastic magic, for one thing.




I think this is the source code for TagTime for Android. You could build support for smart watches directly in the main app.


I’ve done some work on TagTime and its integration with the Beeminder app. I don’t know much about how Android watch communicates with other devices, so I am not sure what it would take to present an API to out-of-phone components such as an Android Wear device. I am sure it is possible, and I suspect it would be relatively straightforward but I don’t own an Android Wear device so I can’t try implementing it for the time being. I agree that it would be a great feature to have though.


Cool! I forwarded the info to my developer friend, who of course may or may not be interested.