Automation program to incrementally increase a goal rate

I created a python 3 command line program that can incrementally increase a Beeminder goal rate over long periods of time. Instructions for running the program on windows 10 can be found from this YouTube walk through:

The program can be downloaded from here:

One use case would be if you wanted to start out with a goal of one push up a day, then add one more push up per day each week until reaching 300 push ups per day. The first week you would do 1 push each day. The second week you would do 2 push ups every day. The third week you would do 3 push ups per day. This pattern would continue until reaching 300 push ups per day.


Thanks so much for sharing this! And for doing a walkthrough, too! That means even I can probably manage it! :smiley:

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Your welcome. Most people aren’t programmers so I tried to make it easier to use.