Autoratcheting a goal with a zero slope?

I have a goal with a zero slope which I would like to autoratchet. In preparation for turning on autoratcheting, I retroratcheted. But since retroratcheting moves roads to the left and not up, and the goal had no slope, the end result was that the goal’s final date was moved all the way up while the actual value of the road stayed the same.

Is there any way to achieve autoratcheting, such that the actual buffer is trimmed, with a goal that has a zero slope?

For those curious why I want to do such a thing, the goal is for resisting impulses (think nail biting). I get a +1 for resisting the impulse, -1 for failing to resist. Since I can’t guarantee if or how many times I’ll have the impulse in a day, it’s unreasonable for me to set a non-zero slope. However, without autoratcheting, a string of successes means the goal loses its threat.

After playing with my goal some more, it seems evident that the only way this could be possible, in addition to the road being moved up instead of to the left, is if autoratcheting was done in terms of goal units instead of days of safety.