Bay Area Beeminder meetup

Team Beeminder (or the founders at least – me and @bee) will be in San Francisco next week for the Quantified Self conference. [1]

Then on Sunday, June 21st at 1pm, we’ll have a Beeminder meetup. Forum regular @drtall has graciously offered to host. Or depending on numbers we may meet at a nearby park.

We’ll have special guest Nick Winter (@nick), author of The Motivation Hacker!

Click the heart if there’s a chance that you’ll make it! I’ll send a reminder and final location to everyone who does so.

Really excited to meet more of you in person!

[1] If you’re also interested in the QS conference or the expo, email me ( – I’ve got a limited number of discounts for the conference and free passes for the expo. @bee and I are each giving talks (on “extreme productivity” and “frictionless tracking”, respectively) plus a breakout session, plus “office hours”, plus a demo at the expo.


Will there be video of the talks?

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Should be! See Bee’s talk from last time.

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Sunday, June 21st, 1pm at Main Post Lawn:
103 Montgomery St
San Francisco, CA 94129

At least one of me and @bee will be wearing a neon yellow Beeminder shirt.

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There will be signage for “Off the Grid” which is the name of the picnic held on the lawn. TIL the lawn has a name haha :slight_smile:

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NB: There are two "103 Montgomery Street"s so be sure to tell Google maps “Main Post Lawn”. It’s a park in the Presidio.

Update! There are a lot of people here. We are by the big shade tree on the east(?) Side of the lawn!

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Great to meet everybody!! We had a blast. :slight_smile:


As I just said to the ad hoc email list of those who expressed interest in the meetup: omg i’m so in love with beeminder users. thanks so much for coming! I think counting everyone who came and went, including friends and significant others (and new beeminder recruits – yay!) we must’ve hit a headcount of around 20. really wonderful group. sorry for the chaos with the food trucks – we mistakenly assumed that would be more adjacent to rather than encompassing our meetup location.

And as discussed via a beemail straw poll, I was thinking of handing out $270 for my recent beemail derailment. But the consensus seems to be that if we’re going to be so hard-nosed with ourselves that failing to tweet a completed UVI in time means coughing up $1000 (and it does) then that should cut both ways: my beemail goal wasn’t on the list so, rules being rules, I don’t owe the $270 to anyone. Just to Beeminder. (Which, btw, I do have an incentive to avoid despite the large fraction of such payments that end up in my pocket. Credit card processing fees, taxes, others (especially @bee) who have Beeminder equity.)

Speaking of which, we moved the UVI deadline to 3am while traveling and are skating the edge and very sleepy, so that’s probably worth keeping an eye on, even though I’m reasonably sure we’ll pull it off.

PS: Special thanks to @drtall for helping to organize the meetup! And I just can’t get over how great it feels to hear so many Beeminder success stories and the general excitement about beeminding All The Things. Thank you again to everyone who came, and to everyone who participates in the community here.