A measured invitation to the Beeminder Community Discord

I just asked in the Discord if we should potentially put an invite link in the beeminder.com site header and the consensus so far is that that’d be too much hoi polloi. The Discord is currently a very nice, cozy, friendly community. But so is the forum! I’m actually a little torn about advertising the Discord here because I think it’s a shame when people say interesting things in Discord that then scroll away into oblivion. (Technically you can search for old stuff in Discord but it’s pretty painful trawling through old dialog compared to finding a relevant forum post.) On the other hand, it can feel a lot easier to just start typing thoughts in Discord as opposed to Composing A Forum Post.

In conclusion, maybe check out the Discord, but please don’t use it instead of the forum!

Here’s an invite link that will expire in a week:

PS: Huge thanks to @narthur again for setting up the Discord in the first place!

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