Seattle meetup Friday!

We’re going to have a Seattle Beeminder meetup in about 48 hours!

Time: Friday Aug 4, 4-6pm, followed by Pomodoro Poker from 7-11pm.
Place: Espresso Vivace (532 Broadway E)

Click the :heart: if you’re anywhere near Seattle and I’ll make sure to keep you in the loop!


UPDATE: At least 4 definites now! :slight_smile: (besides me and @bee of course)

Optimistic roster, ie, everyone with at least some chance of making it: @icole, @caillu, @glorkmod, @ahh, @whackedspinach, @csu, @chante77, @prj, @dreev, @bee.

And for future reference, people who can’t come this time but are in the Seattle area and might be interested next time: @josephholsten, @brandonhendrickson, @g93, @apb.

Anyone I’ve missed?

I’m bummed I can’t make it this week, but if there are any other meetups in the the area you all attend, I’d love to meet other crazy folks like myself!

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You can keep me on the future-reference list, on the off chance I happen to be in the area at the time!

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We’re in the back room!