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Seattle meetup Friday!


We’re going to have a Seattle Beeminder meetup in about 48 hours!

Time: Friday Aug 4, 4-6pm, followed by Pomodoro Poker from 7-11pm.
Place: Espresso Vivace (532 Broadway E)

Click the :heart: if you’re anywhere near Seattle and I’ll make sure to keep you in the loop!

Beeminder meetup in Portland in September extra integrations + a framework for creating integrations

UPDATE: At least 4 definites now! :slight_smile: (besides me and @bee of course)

Optimistic roster, ie, everyone with at least some chance of making it: @icole, @caillu, @glorkmod, @ahh, @whackedspinach, @csu, @chante77, @prj, @dreev, @bee.

And for future reference, people who can’t come this time but are in the Seattle area and might be interested next time: @josephholsten, @brandonhendrickson, @g93, @apb.

Anyone I’ve missed?


I’m bummed I can’t make it this week, but if there are any other meetups in the the area you all attend, I’d love to meet other crazy folks like myself!


You can keep me on the future-reference list, on the off chance I happen to be in the area at the time!


We’re in the back room!