Bee Puns and Metaphors

Beeminder has a growing collection of bee-related puns and metaphors used across the site. I thought it would be great to help build a collection of all the bee related puns and metaphors we can think of so that they have a roster to pick from when they make changes or add new features. If you think of a new bee-related pun or metaphor please add it in a new comment below. These could be bylines, names for possible features or just a thing you do, no restrictions.

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So far I have found…

  • The beehive: Beeminder head offices in Oregon.
  • Beemail
  • Beemergency
  • Freebee
  • Reminders with a sting
  • Make a beeline for your goal
  • Beehave yourself
  • Up in your beeswax, making you better
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Getting stung - when you derail and lose money.

Don’t forget @bee Herself, aka the Queen Bee!

And I loved the one from @are last week: apiology

An internal one that probably doesn’t count: we call our business bank account “moneybee”.

Oh, @mary made a Slack channel for automatically posting derailments and things called “accountabeelity”.

Sooo many of these…

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“accountabeelity”…most beefitting!

There’s a treasure trove[1] in the taglines thread.

[1] I failed at finding a bee pun for a collection.

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