Beebot (Beeminder Slack bot) update

The Beeminder Slack bot (aka Beebot) got some improvements today. You can install it here:,incoming-webhook,commands,bot&client_id=14536485331.17553918436

If you’ve already installed it you don’t need to do anything.

Once installed, type /bee help to see all the available commands[0]. I’ll paste them below as well. The other nice bit is that you can also use all of the commands in a DM with @beebot and they work the same (but no need to prefix with /bee in the DM).

These commands are a good start but let me know what else would be useful!

list will display your five most urgent goals (nearest deadlines).
list N will display your N most urgent goals (nearest deadlines).
goalname will display the status and graph for the goal with that goalname
goalname date value "comment" will add a datapoint to the goal named goalname
goalname++ is a shortcut for adding a datapoint of “1” for today for the goal named goalname
goalname-- is a shortcut for adding a datapoint of “-1” for today for the goal named goalname

[0] In the spirit of Unix, just typing /bee and typing unrecognized input both bring up the help text as well.


Quick update - you can now also just mention @beebot in any channel where it’s a member, followed by the same commands and it will have the same effect but display its response publicly, e.g. @beebot list


If anyone tried to add the Beebot in the last day, you almost certainly couldn’t do it! The authorization code we were using was out of date, but it’s updated now, and it should be working.

You can also now mention @beebot anywhere in your message and it will recognize the rest of the message as a command.

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Bug report: When using “/bee list” it works fine, however when sending “list” (or any other command, actually) to @beebot in a direct message it outputs the full correct output twice, followed by N-1 error messages (where N = # of active goals) saying that “It looks like you haven’t linked Beeminder to Slack yet. Visit … to do so”. (I have linked Beeminder successfully, which is how it is able to pull the data for the correct output portion)

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Is it possible to have this working from 2 different slacks at the same time?

I can’t make this work from the Microchipmanaged slack channel, but I did have it working from the Beeminder slack channel.

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Also ideally, /bee help would give you useful information even if you weren’t authorised.

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Are you still seeing the double output? I believe this should be fixed but not 100% sure.

Are you able to successfully auth in the microchipmanaged channel? What step is it failing on?

Nope, seems fixed to me! Thanks :slight_smile:

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I run through the process and get to Authenticated via slack successfully on the Beeminder site.

But when I try to /bee <anything> it still tells me It looks like you haven't linked Beeminder to Slack yet. Visit [url]


Are you getting zenos for your goals on that Slack team (if you’ve configured goals to send them there that is)? Feel free to DM/email me instead.

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I’ve not configured any slack zenos.
(That is a feature I REALLY don’t want.)

I’ve got the same error.

Do you have the beebot authed on multiple teams? I’m looking into an issue with that. In the meantime you can remove the auth on your Beeminder services page and reauth and it should fix it up.

Yes. I’ve installed beebot on two teams. I’ll try to remove and reauth.
Thank you, Andy.

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(sorry for cross posting…)

Update: this should now be fixed. The services page shows you which team the auth is for (hover for title text for long team/user names). So you should be able to tell which team you need to auth on. Also can’t hurt to just remove any current slack service listed and reauth on all as Philip did.

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Is it only possible to be connected to one slack team?

No, as I said, you should now be able to auth multiple slack teams using the same Beeminder account.