emailing beeminder to update goals

Hi, I cant remember which forum post I saw it in but I thought I saw that someone had been using emails to update their beeminder goals.
How is this done?

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Ooh, useful to know this is something you haven’t been able to find info about! Thanks for sharing. Do you not have reminders on? I ask because when you have email reminders, they’re from the bot and they explain how to reply to them to add data, which is one way.

But you don’t have to wait for the bot emails, so here’s a quick summary of how to add data: send an email to with your username and goal name in the title in the format “username/goalname”, and the data (formatted in the way the bot can read). So e.g. for me to add +1 to my teeth goal on the 11th August…

Subject: shanaqui/teeth
Body: 11 1 “optional comment”

You can read up in more detail from the Help Docs – actually, also useful to know, did you try searching through the Help Docs at all? If they’re not discoverable enough or people have trouble finding the information they need, that’s really handy for us to know.

Anyway, check out What is my data? and How do I enter data to my goal? for more in-depth info!