Beebot can track pomodoros now

Beebot now comes with a slash command /tock that allows you do announce to the channel that you’re doing a pomodoro. You can link it to a Beeminder goal so that when you type /tock done it adds a datapoint with a comment of what you were working on. Right now it’s only the slash command (@beebot doesn’t mirror the commands). Full help text below.

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How to use /tock
/tock text start a tock to complete text
/tock done mark current tock complete
/tock status show all tocks in this channel
/tock beemind goalname link your tocks to a Beeminder goal named goalname. Completing a tock will send a datapoint of “1” with the tock text as the comment to Beeminder.
/tock unlink unlink your tocks from Beeminder
/tock abort ends your tock
/tock length N changes the default tock length for the channel toN minutes
/tock help show this message