counting data more than once?

I have a goal that combines data from six of my other Beeminder goals. Yesterday’s activity seems to show recording the same data more than once:

Interestingly, I journaled earliest in the day, with yard work and active time coming later, so it isn’t a simple “oh there’s new data let me get All The Things” (as the screenshot might seem to imply).

If I sort by date entered rather than date occurred, I get this:


  • There are entries on multiple days for the same data (e.g., data for the 19th entered on the 19th, and then twice on the 22nd)
  • Some of the entries record a single goal; others include all the goals

Insight welcome.


This morning adds the delightful twist of sometimes hourly, sometimes decimal datapoint representation.

The stats page tells me I’ve logged 8 hours and 23 minutes. Manually counting the goals that feed this one, I’ve actually logged 5 hours and 10 minutes.

This is how I’ve set up the compose goal at

@galtsubery, can you please weigh in?

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My compose goal has added 3 hours and 57 minutes since last update; the goals that feed it have only increased by 1 hour and 4 minutes. Still seeing multiple entries in the Beeminder goal data tab for the same effort.

@galtsubery, are you still maintaining this software?

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Thanks so much for reporting this, @grayson! We may need to recruit a new volunteer to maintain (I should mention that it’s still working great for what I use it for – my Pocket-neglect and Trello-neglect goals, mainly).

I’d also of course love for Beeminder proper to eventually subsume everything does but that’s not quite imminent.

One question in the meantime: could this be worked around with IFTTT?


Thanks for responding, Danny. (I have missed you guys, too!) I’ve deleted the goal and set up a manual goal for now; if that doesn’t work—and it probably won’t,** but it has the least friction for me today—I’ll look at IFTTT.

** Autodata goals work So. Much. Better for me than manual goals, I’ve discovered.

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I think I know what may be triggering the problem: when Toggl updates a Beeminder graph, it overwrites the previous point rather than adding a new one with the new data. That’s lovely from a minimal-data-tab-clutter point of view, but from’s pov, each of those is a new data point. So if you spend three sessions on MySuperGoal, this is what happens:

Toggl --> 25 0 “Auto-entered via Toggl at 03:04” [initial data point in wee hours]
Toggl --> 25 1 “Auto-updated via Toggl at 9:32” [overwrites data point after first session]
Toggl --> 25 2 “Auto-updated via Toggl at 12:15” [overwrites data point after second session]
Toggl --> 25 3 “Auto-updated via Toggle at 16:57” [overwrites data point after third session] gets triggered each time, resulting in 1 + 2 + 3 = 6 being sent to the receiving goal, instead of 3.

The problem is exacerbated by collating the data for all the goals feeding the receiving goal every time one of them updates, which seems like bad behavior (and is unrelated to the Toggl issue, though the result is similar).

Input for whomever takes over maintaining this wonderful tool.

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