Beeminder Android Widget total vs delta?

Having the Beeminder Android Widget show the goal total value rather than the delta needed would help my workflow quite a bit, and it would be analogous to clicking on the values on the web interface.

Does anyone else want something like that, or any other widget changes?


Slight digression but long-term relevant to this question: I’m convinced that we have to change the click-to-toggle functionality on the website. It’s fine for power users but it’s highly undiscoverable and confusing for newbees. I believe we can manage to fit both versions, both visible, with one being super small / down-popped (see rule 5 of this UI design guide). Then you can click to swap which one is prominent. Harder to design that without it feeling cluttery but I believe it can work.

This is the part where everyone should mostly ignore me because I have little artistic / visual design sense but maybe it even works to have the delta or total so tiny and low contrast as to be almost illegible. Then at least you’re induced to poke around at it and hopefully click it, which makes the numbers switch places (delta is big and total is small or vice versa) and then you, as the user, understand the point and you can toggle to your heart’s delight from then on, or see both if your eyesight is good enough, and all is right with the world.

Maybe we want to just do that on the website finally and then the apps could maybe emulate it?

(You can start listening again here.) In any case hopefully it’s something intuitive and discoverable and self-explanatory rather than having an Advanced Setting or something for choosing whether you want to see totals or deltas.

And, @adamwolf, if you and @bee and @apb are on board with my possibly ill-conceived design idea there and you wanted Beedroid to blaze the trail on that, by all means…

I agree that the click-to-toggle functionality is not really discoverable,
but I don’t think we can fit both in the Android Widget. What we can do is
be quite explicit when creating the widget with a little-jargon-as-possible

Something I realized, however, is that I actually want something completely
different :slight_smile:

When you click to toggle, I believe you’re switching the display of “the
bare minimum you need to get one more day of safety buffer” from a delta to
a total, but what I want is something different–today’s aggday’y value.