Request: add dollar amounts to Beedroid widgets

I was thinking it could look like this:


If you do add them to the list widget, please, please align them with one another, rather than concatenating them to the end of the goalname, so those of us who need order don’t pull our hair out.


Yes! I’ve wanted this for a long time.

Not sure if I said this, but this is probably a good idea. Does anyone else have any other widget ideas, if I’m going to go in there and set this up?

I am normally relatively anti-settings but I would lean toward making this a setting, kenoubi.

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In the past I’d kind of imagined that the stakes column might only appear if the list widget was at least a certain width… Not sure if that’s a good idea or not… I do like keeping the list widget narrow, but I also want to see the stakes…

If this would be a setting, I’d go all-in on settings. Let the user choose which of pledge, required delta/total, and time until derail they want to see (goalname and the color should be required, since color is small and you need goalname to know what the goal is). Though the idea of progressively adding more fields as the widget gets wider is also pretty good.

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I want to collect all the ideas for what folks would want, and then start thinking of how to implement them. Maybe settings, maybe just multiple types of widgets, maybe tap-to-toggle-through-displays… I don’t want to get hung up on the configuration part.

I believe that widgets are an extremely important part of the future of the mobile apps, and I think it makes sense to spend the extra time up front on this.



Roger. I’d like to be able to have a widget that is like the one now, but which also shows my pledge and my delta / total required to gain a safe day (which one would depend on whether or not the goal is cumulative). And which aligns each of those items in a vertical column :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well I requested that we add some settings here:

The only other change I was thinking of is a per-widget setting that allows you to display which goals it shows - either with checkboxes or by using labels. That way I could, for instance, have two widgets up, one with the daily checklist goals and one for all the rest.

I’d also really like to have a separate widget that displays how much money I’d lose if I did nothing for the rest of the day.



The cumulative number would be scarier and compel action.

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I just want to be clear that the main value of the widgets for me is that they’re 1x1 squares, thus allowing a large number to fit on my home screen. So I’d need the dollar amounts visible on the 1x1 squares.

Proposals to show more when the widgets are made larger would defeat this purpose!

So please, make sure any additions are visible when the widgets remain 1x1!

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This document is at its least persuasive when we’re talking about display preferences. I buy your position for settings related to the actual nuts and bolts of how goals work, but here we’re talking about materializing views on the same data in different ways. Having N+1 Android widgets doesn’t seem like it should generate the same level of pushback.

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Love it.

Same here.


Smart. I agree with @drtall that display-only settings are not as bad but if we can find a way to avoid them, like with this idea, let’s still do so!

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