Beeminder API: Reminders settings

Is there API access to any of the reminders tab settings?
I couldn’t find anything in the API Documentation

I was trying to see if I could implement my email reminder safe days limit idea using API calls.


Sadly no, but stay tuned because we’re revamping reminders. Actually can you point to or summarize your email reminder safe days limit idea here, so we can hopefully make the thing we’re working on incorporate it?

A per-goal option that only sends reminders if a goal has less than n safe days.
Where n is a user chosen integer.

Link to discussion:


Thanks @insti! I’ll reply in the other thread shortly with latest ideas, and we’ll also think about how hard it will be to expose reminder settings in the API, though first I think we’ll see if it feels moot after better reminder settings.

By the power of Grayskull From the dawn of time I resurrect this olde thread!

I, too, would really like an API for changing reminders. With that I could build a snooze functionality. This would bring me one step closer to the Cry Uncle! button.