Beeminder does not update twitter feed/goal based on a hashtag

I’m currently also confused if I’m supposed to add the pound symbol in the setting textfield before the keyword or not. I tried both, and it just does not register my tweet with that particular hashtag.

I have a twitter related goal that goes through OK
You need to have the @ symbol infront of your twitter user and no hashtag infront of your hashtag tracking

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Hi folks!

Folks who have this working: does it currently work if you put the hashtag more than 140 characters in? I noticed a bug a while ago where it looked like it didn’t notice hashtags after the first 140 characters, but I know there have been Twitter API updates since then so I am curious if it works now.

I wonder if making the @ and # optional for both fields and/or having a label saying if they’re needed or not would be a useful UVI?