Beeminder Feature Appreciation Thread

In my one-month Beeminder life I have contacted support or asked questions on the forum sooo many times. I know it’s encouraged but sometimes I feel a little bad when I have yet another question, confusion report, or feature request. The times I am amazed by and enthusiastic about Beeminder vastly outnumber the times I am confused about it or can’t figure it out.

That’s why I thought it would be nice to have a Beeminder feature appreciation thread. Feel free to add a short note whenever you discover a Beeminder feature you love or some detail that makes your life better! :slight_smile:

P.S. I tried to search if such a thread already exists but didn’t find any. If it does, please point me there. Thanks.


I’ll start with saying that I just discovered [1] and I like how it’s so simple and easy to manage all reminders and deadlines in one place. Thank you!

[1] I knew it existed but never really looked at it before.


Thanks for writing this @howtodowtle :slight_smile:

I am also new here and what left the first and best impression so far is the sense, that the community seems so well connected to this project. It really seems like there are a lot of people caring, improving, thinking, discussing and developing together in order to help each other out, give interesting input, inspire and develop themselves together.


Love this thread! <3

We also have an old blog post on 16 obscure Beeminder features.

And related to @howtodowtle’s discovery of the reminders page, we have and even older blog post about Beeminder waterfalls.


I absolutely love Beeminder’s integration with Complice. It has changed the game for me – and made it possible to Beemind all sorts of things in life that I didn’t otherwise know how to include in my goals.

Thank you!