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Beeminder, I deserve a gold star (Milestone Stickers)

I have been logging my driving using the Android App timer for the past 269 days as I prepared for my restricted license, and quite frankly, learned to drive. 161.8 hours 1 of fuel guzzling later and I have passed my test.

Starting and stopping the timer is a habit now, so I’m considering continuing to track driving but I want a gold star, instead of a green dot, to mark the momentous occasion!

Anyone else need a gold star?

1 Learner drives who have 120 hours of supervised driving experience are 30% less likely to be involved in an accident during their first two years of unsupervised driving. One graph can’t cure procrastination, so despite reaching 120 hours by my stretch goal date, I still managed to clock up an extra few hours before actually making it to the test.


This seems like an awesome idea. Maybe we should somehow mark when initial goal points are achieved - we actually don’t “track” your original goal in a meaningful way just yet. I can imagine people being extra motivated when reaching first milestones - for example 10 lbs lost on a weight loss goal.


I’m thinking about the exact same thing for Complice right now—I want to shift from the notion of goal endpoints to the idea of having milestones or something similar. Checkpoints at which you assess your progress. Of course, since Complice is qualitative rather than quantitative, this is a bit different, but the mentality is the same.


This also lends itself well for beeminding tasks with subgoals. One of the things I really like about habitrpg is that the checklists feature massively incentivizes splitting goals into subtasks ‘finish my essay (do research, write outline, etc)’.