Beeminder integration with FacileThings

Hello, newbee here. I use a website called FacileThings, which is set up to help folks follow the Getting Things Done method of life management. I know that Beeminder is integrated with many to-do websites and apps. Can we suggest other integrations, like with FacileThings? Would I need to suggest to that website owner that they integrate, or does someone at Beeminder do that?

In general, my question is about integrations that aren’t yet set up. What’s the best step for someone with no programming skills to have an integration built?


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The integration I am thinking of is to be able to Beemind completing a certain number of to-dos as there is a to-do list on FacileThings.


I also use a website called WaniKani for learning Japanese Kanji. Could an integration be built for that? I think they make their API readily available based on the number of third party apps that are based on the data.


Sorry for the radio silence here, especially since you’re new!

I took a quick look at FacileThings and it looks like they don’t have an API or even have a IFTTT/Zapier integration. I think that means it’s pretty much a no-go unless FacileThings is willing to build something custom for Beeminder (which seems unlikely but you never know?)

It looks like WaniKani does have an API so at least it’s theoretically possible to integrate with Beeminder. I don’t see IFTTT/Zapier support for WaniKani though so it would be doable but annoying.

Sorry I’m not much help, just didn’t want you to feel like you’re only talking to yourself :slight_smile: